Christina’s Corner

No Excuses November

This month! November is so busy here and for the community. I want to say I am so proud of everyone dialing in on their health. We as a training team work hard in a team text to cover you as you need flexibility with scheduling. As owner of His & Her Fitness there have always been good trainers here, but this is the first time all trainers live by example, workout here, and as a team are inspiring not just each other to be the best professionals they can but inspiring clients to stay healthy. A balanced lifestyle has always been what His & Her Fitness is. Learning to not let bad habits control you, but letting your bad habits balance you. Working out 3 x week is optimal but I have been seeing some clients that have trained awhile start doing 4-5x…this is amazing and the results are clearly different from the more you put into something. This month in no excuses November…..whatever excuse holds you back from that next healthy you, let’s cut it out now and then balance it in the future. I am so proud of each of you as a entrepreneur and being active and staying connected with entrepreneurs the COVID pandemic effects are not over so keep washing hands, eating clean, be kind (you have no idea what others face during this time), and knowing you are making a difference by keeping these lifestyle habits and maybe inspiring others around you as well. Your energy will effect others, so start now putting out the energy that you want around you!

Christina Larson
Owner / Trainer MCPT-PFI / ON and ABB Sponsored Athlete

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