Tyler’s Testimonial

“She (Christina) keeps me focused on what’s important and having a positive attitude. I am someone who lifted before, but didn’t put a big emphasis on it. She gave me the power to believe I can do it.”
“I continue to push myself to the next challenge and see what goals we can achieve.”
Of the H&H Team, “I consider them more than trainers-they’re like a second family. Christina showed me how to be successful-now it’s up t me to go ot and do it, and she keeps me accountable. She’s become my mentor and a close friend. There aren’t enough ‘thank yous’ I can say to her.”
“You can do it. The important thing is establishing that mindset early. It may be a long, hard road, but that’s what our bodies are meant to overcome. Trust the process, keep a positive mindset and you will be successful.”