January, 2015

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Upcoming Event with Kansas City Chamber
Jan. 15 at 5:30pm
Join the H&H team as they continue to celebrate the opening of the new His & Her Fitness gym — this time with the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce. The fun starts at 5:30pm on Thursday, Jan. 15.

Enjoy the party as the His & Her Fitness trainers and clients are honored by the KC Chamber.

Newsworthy Notes

Fit for the new year 
On Dec.27, Christina Larsen and “8 Weeks to Greatness” participant Stephanie Woltemath joined FOX4 News with tips on how to get fit and stay fit in 2015.Christina’s basics for the new year are:
1. Weigh yourself once a week
2. Keep a food journal
3. Do 20 minutes of cardio/day
4. Do weight training 2x/week
Watch the entire interview at

Trainer Tip of the Month
Tom Finholm, 2014 Trainer of the Year
How much water?
How much water do I need to drink before and during workouts?
Water is a great weight loss tool because it regulates metabolism and helps to detox your body. Water also helps to maintain body fluids. As a guide, drink about 20oz of water one hour prior to your training session. During exercise, start drinking water at the beginning of the session and at regular times throughout your workout.

Christina’s Corner

Beat the winter blues


If you want to look fit and feel fit, DON’T WEAR COMFY PANTS or SWEATERS! If it’s baggy, pitch it… or bring it to H&H and I will personally take it to church and donate it to charity. It’s time to get excited! Your clothes are baggy. It’s cold out, so keep yourself busy moving. Go through those closets and drawers. Ask your significant other or a true friend — LIKE or DISLIKE. Be proud of the “NEW YOU.” 


I know it sounds silly, but take a look at how much success you have had since you started at H&H. Go over the SMART goals you started Day One. Look at the nutrition plans that you have adapted to. Check off that you now know how to do cardio to benefit your goals. And notice how fun it is to see your improvements in flexibility, balance, strength — and that you’re not as short of breath and maybe you even enjoy lifting. Oh, yeah. Push through this winter by sticking to the plan… don’t skip… do that cardio and follow your meal plan. Look forward to LOVE month. 

Now for those of you that have a loved one that does not work out, but maybe needs a little reason to do so… As of February 1, you can bring your other half, mom, dad, gramps, grams, kiddo, or best friend. Just bring one of them… not all of them! They can train for free with you that day. (FYI… they do need to come five minutes early to fill out some papers.)

Happy Winter staying warm at H&H!  


Christina Larson

Owner / Trainer MCPT-PFI / ON and ABB Sponsored Athlete


Creative Cardio Library
Side-to-side; step-by-step


Beginner Cardio


Moderate Cardio


Advanced Cardio


Christina’s Kitchen

Stuffed bell peppers
3 green peppers
3 red peppers
1 can seasoned black
1 cup corn
4 TBSP taco seasoning
1 lb turkey burger 

1/2 cup brown rice
1 tsp cilantro
1 tsp cumin

Cut heads off peppers and boil for 3 minutes.
Brown turkey burger and then add taco seasoning. 
Prepare brown rice as suggested.

Mix rice, black beans (drained), turkey burger, corn, cilantro,
 and cumin together in bowl.
Stuff mixture into peppers.

Serve and enjoy.


For more H&H recipes, check the website at hisandherfitness.net


Ribbon Cutting for the H&H Gym

A Leawood Chamber of Commerce event


Leawood mayor, Peggy Dunn, was on hand to help cut the ribbon and officially open the new H&H Gym, celebrating another expansion at His & Her Fitness. Christina Larson, H&H staff, friends and family were honored and all joined in the festivities. The Leawood Chamber of Commerce highlighted H&H’s achievement and published this note: Congratulations to longtime chamber member and friend His & Her Fitness on their expansion! Thank you for allowing us to celebrate with you and we look forward to many more years of success and healthy lives!

His & Her Fitness and Lucy Partner Up
Double bonus = Lucy activewear and H&H creative cardio


Throughout the entire month of January, H&H and Lucy have teamed up to help you feel good and look good! Every Saturday in January Lucy staff members will be at H&H to showcase their workout clothes; H&H trainers will conduct creative cardio or salsa sessions at 7am and 8am for only $10 w/ a Lucy receipt (from Dec or Jan). And on Jan. 26 at 6am and Jan 29 at 5:30pm you can join Merrit Crawford, Sara Mills or Christina Larson for a Power Hour. (Just $20 w/ Lucy receipt.). Come to get fit, feel fit, look fit — and have fun. Current clients and new clients are both welcome! And don’t forget to wear your Lucy attire!

His & Her Fitness Scholarship

An opportunity for young leaders
Last year His & Her Fitness was proud to grant $500 scholarships to two young students — and Christina Larson is very pleased to announce that H&H will offer the scholarship again this year. 
The His & Her Fitness scholarship is available to students who: 
1) will be freshmen in college next year 
2) have some affiliation (either on their own or through family and
 friends) with H&H, and
3) are student athletes (at least one sport)
The scholarship will be awarded based on a student’s work ethic, leadership skills, community service and ability to set a “high bar” for those around them. Providing this H&H scholarship is something that Christina has always hoped to be able to do — helping a deserving young student and creating a way to give back to a few future leaders of America.
Scholarship applications are available on the His & Her Fitness website under each trainer’s profile.



Client of the Year

Greg Barber

Because I hold His & Her Fitness and my trainers in such high regard, it is really an honor to be named Client of the Year.

Since I have been working with Christina and Tom for the last year and a half, it is instructive to reflect on my progress.

The most important change I have noted is in the performance of my daily activities. I have more energy and many of my aches and pains have disappeared. Moving furniture and other heavy objects is definitely easier and my balance is much improved, as well.

The workout experience is enhanced by Christina and Tom’s advice on diet, creative cardio, and, of course, weight training. As a physician, I ask multiple questions and I remain impressed with their expertise in both anatomy and physiology.

Also important is the fact that they are so easy to work with that I actually have lots of fun doing my sessions. The hour goes by rapidly.

Additionally, I have to give a shout out to my fellow exercise partners from 5-6am Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; they all contribute greatly to the fun factor at H&H.

I think my main take home message is that if you listen to your trainers and follow through with what they recommend, your life will be markedly improved as well.

Again, I want to thank Christina, Tom, and all of the staff at H&H for helping to improve my life and for making me Client of the Year.

2014 MVP Award
Shelley Whipps and her sister, Stephanie Woltemath
Shelley Whipps

I’m so excited to receive the 2014 MVP Award! To me, this award means several things. It means I have been able to lose weight, KEEP IT OFF, and make healthy meal plans and workouts a lifestyle (with the help of Christina, Merrit and Billy). However, I’m most proud of this award because it means I have been able to inspire others! I have had friends, a neighbor, a co-worker, and my mom come to H&H. And I am most proud to have played a small part in having two women selected for the “8 Weeks To Greatness” program. Nancy Cipolla rocked “8 Weeks” last year and this year my sister, Stephanie Woltemath, was chosen and is now a new woman!

Stephanie has had many changes in the last few years – her family moved to their dream home on Beaver Lake, she began working from home, and unfortunately she fell into an unhealthy lifestyle. Then sadly last December, her husband of twenty-three years passed away. The changes just continued – a move back to KC, a new job, a new home, etc., etc. Even with all of the stresses she faced, she allowed me to convince her to sign up for H&H’s “8 Weeks to Greatness” program. The thought of completely changing her lifestyle was so overwhelming that she thought there was no way that she could follow through with this program. But she did! She has now 100% changed her mindset, diet, and physical activity. Stephanie is honestly a different woman – she looks amazing, feels amazing and her lab work has gone from bad to great! So, while I appreciate being selected for this award, the real prize is seeing someone transform their life… and knowing that maybe I had a small hand in that. I could not be more proud of my sister!

Team Member of the Month

Eugene (EJ) Walter


It is exciting to start the new year with the “headline,” so to speak. With the start of a new year I find myself trying to take charge and build upon my previous successes, but I also need to focus on new opportunities. The same pattern holds true for our business as a whole.
His & Her Fitness has progressed as a fitness studio and has now built a gym. We have built stronger relationships within the staff and have now added new members to our fitness family. We have helped old clients reach new heights while opening our doors for new clients to begin their journey. May this new year allow you to celebrate in the success of the previous year, but reach for the new challenges that come in 2015!
Stay warm and God bless.



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