Personal Trainer


Contact Info

Education/Training Credentials

  • A certified professional trainer w/NFPT National Federation of professional Trainers
  • Track and Field Coach w/the state of Illinois 
  • Certified 9 round Kickboxing instructor


  • House & Techno
  • Hip Hop
  • All music with a good beat and high energy


  • Cheat Meal: love Tacos Tuesday 
  • Cardio: Kickboxing & Running 
  • Body part to train: Back and Shoulders
  • Quote: “This is only the warm up”
  • Sports: Basketball


  • NPC Physique competitor 

Social Media

  • IG: Tonyfit, All_aboutdabody 
  • FB: Antonio Carpenter, Your personal trainer, 

Meal Plan

  • Breakfast: love fried eggs 
  • Snack: Trail mix 
  • Lunch: Chicken salad 
  • Snack: protein shake
  • Dinner: T bone steak w/salad 

Training Schedule

  • 4-6 days a week 


  • Reading and doing art work (painting art)



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