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Our clients come here to achieve personal success! His & Her Fitness offers three options for your personal training:

One-on-One – VIP Service

You work directly with your fitness coach on your individual needs. Nutrition, Weights, Cardio, Measurements, and Goal Setting. Start a physically healthy lifestyle and improve your mental health at the same time. This is where kicking the bag, not the trainer, comes into play and actually feels good!

Tandem – First Class

This is a great way to spend quality time with a good friend or significant other – and get all the benefits of a workout. Besides – you can either take advantage of a little friendly competition or have someone to share the pain! And of course, there’s a “confidentiality clause” with your trainer, so they’ll never tell if you have an off day.


Group – Power Hour!

The perfect group is 3-4 committed people. No more! We believe that a larger group just isn’t beneficial for anyone. We take a lot of pride in seeing results! We’ve watched many groups push each other, support each other, and improve together – while developing a great spirit of camaraderie.

Creative Cardio

All training includes personal consultation, evaluation and emphasis on your individual goals, weight training, cardio, nutrition and measurements.

Goals: Without a goal, you don’t know where you’re headed – and you can’t track your success. We’ll set specific, measurable, and attainable goals! (You’re not going to be Michael Jordan at age 80, and you’re not going to weigh only 100 pounds if you’re much more than 5 feet tall!)

Weights: We are not your generic “12 rep” trainers. We create weight training specifically for you – and to match your nutrition and your cardio. That’s right – it’s all about you. And the trainers at H&H are trained to check your daily status – for example, if you’re dehydrated we’ll take it easy that day to preserve your joints. We think long-term – we don’t just live for today!

Cardio: No rats running on a treadmill here! We love creative cardio that is specific to your goals, your physique, your muscle imbalances, your traveling obstacles, and more. Sign up for our newsletter and check out the new ideas in our monthly creative cardio videos. We also sell Polar Heart Rate Monitors. They check your apical pulse (the pulse over the apex of the heart) which is the most accurate reading of the heart rate.

Meal Planning: NO DIETING! Just good old-fashioned cooking and healthy recipes. That’s right — real sugar, real chicken, real hamburger! Get the preservatives out of your system!!

Measurements: OK! We measure all of you – your body fat (with calipers), your inches, and your weight. The weight will come off if needed, but the scale is not the goal. Our goal is a symmetrical – and healthy – physique. For example, your abdomen should not be larger than your waist as this creates an increased risk of heart disease.