Personal Trainer



Education/Training Credentials

  • Southwest Baptist University-Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy
  • Worked as a physical therapist for 16 years in various sport medicine clinics
  • CPR qualified
  • IFPA figure pro since 2006


  • Anything that gets me pumped, but I don’t need music for motivation!


  • Cheat: Yorgurtini with my family
  • Meal: Steak, grilled asparagus and sweet potato
  • Cardio: I like all cardio…love variety…but love to kill it on the stair mill
  • Body part to train: Legs and glutes baby!
  • KC Restaurtant: Kobe Steakhouse
  • Pet: My three yorkies… Champ, Angel and Tuffy
  • Quote: “We are only beaten when we cease to believe what we can be”


  • Won pro card Sept 2006
  • WNBF Worlds Third place 2006
  • KC International IFPA pro overall champion 2009 and 2010
  • Yorton Cup Tall Class World Champion (nine months after having my girl Maci Ann)
  • Liberty Belle IFPA pro overall champion 2010
  • Yorton Cup Short Class runner up 2010 and 2012


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